Back in May, it was reported that former NFL CB Antonio Cromartie somehow got his wife pregnant yet again, this after having a vasectomy and she had twins shortly after last year.

On Friday, the man with superhuman sperm welcomed his 14th child into the world and his third since finally deciding to get a vasectomy. The NFL free agent NFL cornerback and his wife Terricka now have six children together.

Terricka made the announcement Thursday in an Instagram post.

Cromartie is still hoping to continue his NFL career after he was cut last year by the Indianapolis Colts, but made it hard on himself after he elected to kneel and hold his fist in the air during the playing of the National Anthem.

If you’re confused on how Cromartie had three kids after a vasectomy, it was because he didn’t go in for a follow-up appointment several months getting a vasectomy to confirm that his sperm count was zero. Sperm stay active for months on the other side of the blocked or tied-off passageways, even after a vasectomy, so it may take several months to completely get rid of them all. Cromartie clearly didn’t follow directions and started having sex immediately.