Cam Newton made a sexist remark at his press conference on Wednesday afternoon, when he said, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.”

Jourdan Rodrigue, the reporter who asked the question and received Newton’s remark, was asking about wideout Devin Funchess:

“I know you take a lot of pride in seeing your receivers play well. Devin Funchess has seemed to really embrace the physicality of his routes and getting those extra yards. Does that give you a little bit of enjoyment to see him kind of truck sticking people out there?”

As Rodrigue was asking the question, and she said the word “routes” Newton smiled, and then made his remark.

According to Rodrigue, it got worse afterward:

There’s no reason to assume that a football reporter doesn’t understand routes, or that knowing about routes is dependent upon that reporter being a man or a woman. This is just another example of the sexism in sports that women face daily. Newton’s comments, and his dismissive attitude toward Rodrigue, were nothing but disrespectful to someone trying to do her job.