We’re not even through Week 1, and the Cowboys’ Cole Beasley already has the catch of the 2017 season. Beasley blew us all away with this one.

During the fourth quarter of the Cowboys’ season opener against the Giants on Sunday Night Football, Beaasley managed to catch a ball off of the nameplate on his jersey. Yes, his back.

He bobbles the ball one-handed, traps it on his back, gets control, makes sure both feet are down, and that’s a catch.

It takes a remarkable amount of concentration and coordination to do all of this at once while making sure he has control of the ball so it will be ruled a catch. A tip of the cap to Beasley for a really incredible play.

Even Odell Beckham Jr. looked impressed.

The Cowboys are taking care of business against the Giants and are leading the Giants 16-3. Beasley has three catches for 32 yards so far, but this was definitely the most memorable one of the night — and maybe for the whole season.