Of course Schefter drinks a venti on the reg. Anyone could have predicted that one from a mile away. The loose Starbucks lid is an institution. Honestly, I’m surprised this took 10 years to happen to the ESPN NFL Insider. It happens to me at least once a month.

Anyway, this single tweet of spilled coffee isn’t the story here. It’s the Eagles fan who claimed responsibility for sabotaging Schefter’s coffee.

Everyone believed @treblaw immediately, because it’s the internet in 2017. If you follow his account you know that stirring up trouble is a past time, and he’s exceptionally good at it. What couldn’t have been predicted was Eagles players jumping on board and assuming the tweet was legit.

Acho enjoyed what happened, but former Eagles linebacker Ike Reese seemed furious at the prank.

The myth helped get perpetuated by a fake Starbucks PR account.

Meanwhile he’s just having too much fun watching people freak out over an alleged coffee sabotage that never happened.

The internet is a weird and beautiful place.