Fantasy football rankings 2017: Defense/special teams for NFL Week 5

Check out our weekly rankings for the top fantasy football defenses and special teams.

For the first time this season, the bye week is something you’ll have to deal with when setting your fantasy lineups.

The Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and Washington will all be out of action this week. Of those four, the Broncos aren’t just one of the most popular fantasy defenses, but they currently rank first in points allowed to running backs.

Not having Denver means many fantasy owners are scrambling to find a new defense for one week. Thankfully, there are several good matchups for defenses still on waivers, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, and Houston Texans.

Which of those units should you add as a one-week filler or even an upgrade over your current defense? Check out our rankings of the top fantasy defenses and special teams for Week 5 to find out.

Defense/Special Teams rankings, Week 5

(SK: Scott Kaliska; DG: Derek Gordon; KB: Kyle Bennett; ZS: Zach Senvisky; JM: Jason Marcum)

D/ST rankings, Week 5

1Pittsburgh Steelersvs. JAC211121
2Minnesota Vikings@ CHI123213
3Houston Texansvs. KC10523102
4Buffalo Bills@ CIN7114476
5Seattle Seahawks@ LAR388967
6Baltimore Ravens@ OAK13310738
7Kansas City Chiefs@ HOU66128412
8Detroit Lionsvs. CAR15126694
9Cleveland Brownsvs. NYJ21455175
10Arizona Cardinals@ PHI8109101410
11New York Giantsvs. LAC97712209
12Jacksonville Jaguars@ PIT141311111111
13Philadelphia Eaglesvs. ARI4171613517
14Los Angeles Ramsvs. SEA17913161213
15Oakland Raidersvs. BAL121514141314
16Cincinnati Bengalsvs. BUF111415171615
17Tennessee Titans@ MIA161617151516
18Carolina Panthers@ DET18181818818
19Green Bay Packers@ DAL202119191819
20Dallas Cowboysvs. GB1920221921
21Los Angeles Chargers@ NYG192223202223
22Chicago Bearsvs. MIN242021212420
23New York Jets@ CLE5
24Indianapolis Coltsvs. SF232322232324
25San Francisco 49ers@ IND222525252125
Miami Dolphinsvs. TEN2424242522
New England Patriots@ TB25