Here’s a list of every major NFL record Tom Brady holds and the ones he can still break

Tom Brady can notch another spot in record books Sunday, but there are more within reach if he keeps playing.

Tom Brady already has the record for the most wins as a starter thanks to his extensive postseason success. Last week, he tied Peyton Manning and Brett Favre for the most regular-season wins by a starting quarterback, too. After this Sunday, he now stands alone in first place with a victory over the New York Jets. It was the 187th win in the regular season for Brady and what feels like his 187th NFL record.

But Brady doesn’t own many regular-season records. Almost all of the all-time marks that belong to the New England Patriots quarterback are postseason bests. He also owns just about every Super Bowl record, thanks to seven trips to the big game.

Now in his 18th season — and probably not his last — Brady still has time to track down more records before he calls it a career. He wants to play until he’s 45, and if he does, he could rewrite the record books. Even if he plays until he’s 42 or 43, there are a few within reach.

With the wins record now under his belt, here are all the major records owned by the New England Patriots quarterback and the ones he still has a chance to topple.

Records owned by Brady

  • Regular-season wins by a starting quarterback (187)
  • Division titles (14)
  • Playoff games started (34)
  • Playoff wins (25)
  • Playoff touchdown passes (63)
  • Playoff passing yards (9,094)
  • Super Bowl appearances (7)
  • Super Bowl wins (5)
  • Super Bowl MVPs (4)
  • Super Bowl touchdown passes (15)
  • Super Bowl passing yards (2,071)

Records in Brady’s reach

  • Most passing touchdowns: The record is held by Manning, who finished his career with 539 touchdowns. Brady is 72 behind and on pace for another season with more than 30 touchdowns. It’ll likely take until the 2019 season, but he’s currently throwing touchdowns at a faster pace than Drew Brees, who is only a few touchdowns ahead of Brady. It’ll probably come down to who plays longer.
  • Most passing touchdowns (postseason included): The record is Manning’s 579, which Brady shouldn’t have much trouble catching. He’s at 530 and will likely be able to hit that mark before the end of 2018.
  • Most passing yards (postseason included): The record for yards in the regular season and postseason is Manning’s at 79,279. Brady is fewer than 7,000 yards behind and already well ahead of Brees, making it a mark that is primed for the taking in 2018.
  • Pro Bowls: If Brady gets to the Pro Bowl this season — which looks likely — it’ll be his 13th nod. But Manning, Tony Gonzalez, Bruce Matthews, and Merlin Olsen all got to 14. To grab the record for himself, Brady needs Pro Bowl seasons in 2018 and 2019 too. That’s not impossible, but it’s a tall ask for a quarterback already over 40.
  • Game-winning drives: The Patriots haven’t always needed Brady to rescue them, but he’s always up to the task when the time calls for Touchdown Tom. He already did it once in 2017 and needs just six more to pass Manning’s 56. Brady averages about two or three a year, so he could realistically top Manning in 2018.
  • Fourth-quarter comebacks: For many of the same reasons, Brady has a good chance at topping Manning’s 45 fourth-quarterback comebacks. He’s also six from that record and could beat it in 2018.
  • Games started: Favre’s never-ending career allowed him to start in 298 games over 20 seasons. Brady’s start on Sunday will be his 241st. If he stays completely healthy and doesn’t miss a game, he wouldn’t be able to get to 299 until the final game of the 2020 season, about five months after his 43rd birthday. It’s another one that isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely a stretch.

Records Brady won’t own

  • Most MVPs: Manning won the AP NFL MVP award five times during his career, but Brady has just two. So even if Brady continues to crush it for a while, this one just won’t happen.
  • Most regularseason passing yards: Brady is more than 8,000 yards behind Manning, which he could possibly make up before the end of the 2018 season if he doesn’t slow down at all. The 2019 season is more likely. But 4,000 yards ahead of him is Brees, who hasn’t slowed down either. He’s had more yards than Brady in every season since 2009, so Brady would probably need to play a couple of years longer than Brees, who is about a year-and-a-half younger and similarly uninterested in hanging up the cleats any time soon.
  • Most interceptions thrown: This isn’t a good record to have, but Brady isn’t even close. He doesn’t even have half the 336 thrown by Favre and isn’t top 50 all time in the category. No chance.