Jamal Adams’ NFL dreams coming true is only the first of the notable milestones that the New York Jets’ safety grabbed last night.

The second has to do with a bet he made with friend and fellow draft eligible DB, Jalen Tabor.

Wilson and Tabor made a wager back in high school that whoever went first in the NFL Draft would earn an all-expenses-paid vacation on the other’s dime.

“Basically, the bet is if he goes before me I have to pay for a trip anywhere in the country,” Adams said. “If I go before him, he’s gonna do the same. I told him from the get-go that I was gonna go before him so we’ll see.”

But Adams initially misspoke. When asked where he’d go if he were picked, Adams said he’d go to Paris which is obviously not in the United States.

But that’s not the only thing Adams had riding on the big night. He and his father, George, also made a wager on when the younger Adams would be taken. George was taken No. 19 in the 1985 draft. The real question is how much is on the line now that Jamal was taken No. 6. The price is steep either way, so for now dinner suffices.

“Now he sees a lot of mock drafts and now he’s taking it back,” Jamal said. “But at the same time I’m still letting him take care of the dinner tab all the way up until the bet. People say it was $40,000. I believe it was like $100,000.”

Whether Adams’ father indeed pays up, the former LSU Tiger is about to come into quite a bit of money once he hits the field in New York.