We were thrilled when the NFL relaxed its rules on celebrations this offseason. It makes football more fun when players can get creative without being penalized. But very few players took advantage of it early in the season. Finally, players took it up a notch in Week 4, and we couldn’t be happier.

Players used to be flagged if they participated in choreographed group dances, but not anymore. Now, they can do any celebration that isn’t sexually suggestive or doesn’t mimic using weapons. Teams found some unique ways to do that this week.

There have been some entertaining celebrations so far this season, like Stefon Diggs doing his best Randy Moss impersonation, and Martavis Bryant and his teammates throwing dice. But Week 4’s celebrations set a new standard.

Bills play some video games

The Bills pulled off an upset win over the Falcons in Atlanta on Sunday, and Jordan Matthews and Zay Jones took a little video game break after a Matthews touchdown. Maybe they were playing Madden and duplicating their success on the field on Sunday:

The Vikings are cookin’

This one was a real team effort. Rookie running back Dalvin Cook made it into the end zone on a 5-yard touchdown run, and he got his teammates involved in whipping a little something to eat.

Unfortunately, this will probably be Cook’s last celebration of the season. He went down with a non-contact knee injury later in the Vikings’ loss to the Lions, and the team believes it’s a season-ending ACL tear.

JuJu Smith-Schuster’s first NFL celebration is a nod to Dragon Ball Z

People thought it might have been a hadouken from Street Fighter, and it’s similar. But Smith-Schuster took to Twitter to clear up any confusion about his anime-themed celebration:

Kamehameha is the most common finishing attack in Dragon Ball Z, and it’s the signature attack of Goku. I learned a lot about Dragon Ball Z thanks to Smith-Schuster’s celebration, so it was entertaining and educational.

Deshaun Watson and the Texans celebrate with their mascot

Toro, the Texans mascot, got in on the action after one of Deshaun Watson’s five touchdowns in the Texans’ 57-14 win over the Titans. Watson tied a rookie record for the most touchdowns in a single game, which was reason enough to celebrate.

Zeke eats

This is a classic Ezekiel Elliott celebration that he’s been doing since his Ohio State days. But he turned it up in the Cowboys’ 35-30 loss to the Rams, tucking his towel into his shirt as a napkin to keep his jersey clean:

Although the Cowboys lost, Elliott had his best performance of the season. He finished with 85 rushing yards and one touchdown, adding 54 receiving yards and a touchdown through the air.

Marquette King rides a pony again

We’ve seen this one from the Raiders punter before, but he got flagged for it when he celebrated with a pony ride against the Broncos last season. It’s not a foul now, and King celebrated a perfect punt with a pretend pony ride.

Colts pull off a bank heist

After a Donte Moncrief touchdown, the Colts got together in the end zone to celebrate by pretending to rob a bank. This was the most elaborate one we saw in Week 4, and the Colts’ planning paid off.

Everybody has an important job to do. Moncrief puts the money in the bag, which is being held by T.Y. Hilton. Jack Mewhort makes sure to close the safe before they all jump in the getaway car.

This week was a perfect example of why the NFL was right to relax its celebration rules. Here’s hoping for more celebrations like these the rest of the season.

Via SBNation.com