The Jaguars will continue to play Thursday night games in their trademark “dialysis patient urine” color scheme.

On Tuesday, the NFL approved eight rules, three bylaws, and one resolution, but one that didn’t pass would allow NFL teams to opt out of wearing the much maligned “color rush” uniforms. The was withdrawn by Washington before a vote could take place, according to Mark Maske.

The single-hue uniforms, which had the distinction of turning Bills linemen into Kool-Aid pitchmen and making an entire roster of Seahawks look like a Costco pallet of highlighters, will remain a mandatory part of each team’s Thursday Night Football look.

Though the proposal was withdrawn, it still left us with one of the greatest, and simplest, reform explanations of all time.

Instead, these “garish uniforms” will have the opportunity to be widely mocked on Twitter for at least one more season. Though the dehydrated fisherman’s urine color of last year’s Jaguars jerseys is more than enough to justify the program’s demise, it’s worth noting not all the color rush uniforms are as messy.

For teams like the Patriots and Titans, another year of solid-color kits won’t be too tough to swallow. Washington, however, felt differently. Management there will have to suffer through at least one more season of color rush uniforms before it can bring the issue up before the league’s owners again in 2018.

Source : SBnation