Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the NFL’s most mercurial personalities, but sometimes lost in the drama is the fact that he’s been productive at a historic pace to begin his career with the New York Giants. With an eighth catch against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3, Beckham became the fastest ever to 300 receptions in his career.

The 300th was an athletic touchdown for Beckham in the back of the end zone highlighted by some nice footwork.

The record was previously held by Anquan Boldin — a recently retired receiver who began his career with more than 100 receptions in two of his first three seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. It took Boldin 47 games to cross 300 receptions, but Beckham just crossed the mark in 45.

While Beckham’s first career 100-reception season came in 2016, he averaged even more receptions during his 12-game rookie season and 15-game season in 2015. Now in his fourth NFL season, Beckham is averaging 6.6 receptions and 94.5 yards per game.

Beckham, 24, is under contract through the 2018 season after the Giants picked up the fifth-year option on his rookie deal in April. With a new contract on the horizon, Beckham is aiming to become the highest-paid player in the NFL.

It’s likely an unrealistic goal for a wide receiver, though. Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers leads the position with an average salary of $17 million, but that isn’t even top 20 in the NFL. However, Beckham’s income is supplemented by his popularity off the field, and its not inconceivable that the Giants receiver could lead the NFL in endorsements.

Beckham’s big personality is a large factor in that success, but it’s fueled by the tremendous impact he’s had in the NFL already. He’s still far from making a real dent on the record books — and still more than 1,200 receptions behind Jerry Rice — but his breakneck pace could eventually put him in the conversation.

For now, the Giants can be relieved to have one of the most dynamic players in the NFL back on offense.