Placing a deposit is nothing new for a season ticket holder. Asking for $100 to have the privilege of following a team to a new city? That’s a little different.

via Oakland Raiders

Raiders fans got a curious offer from the team that allows them to spend $100 now to ensure they have a spot in Las Vegas when the team’s new stadium is finally completed. It might seem like a neat offer, except for the fact, you know — current season ticket holders live in California and all.

The knife has already been driven into the hearts of die-hard fans, and this is just twisting it even more. The request to save a seat is accompanied by a hype video showing off the stadium’s new spot in Vegas, which boasts an impressive glass room, minutes from the Vegas strip and games inside that look like they were lifted out of Madden 2001.

So, Raiders season ticket holders: Rush now to get your spot in a stadium that isn’t built yet for an undetermined date so you can watch your favorite team in a new city. You’d think the team might be a little more understanding of how much this is hurting fans, but nope.

(h/t The Mercury News)

Source : SBnation