The San Francisco 49ers traded up with the Seattle Seahawks to draft linebacker Reuben Foster with the 31st pick. The New Orleans Saints held the last pick in the first round, and they were on the phone with Foster when he got the call from the Niners.

Foster told the story at his introductory press conference.

Foster was at his draft party, which was sponsored by Vapor Fi, a vape company. The Saints were actually talking to Foster’s girlfriend, a Baton Rouge native, when the call from the 49ers came through.

“So I had clicked over,” Foster said. “I picked it up. I said, ‘Hello?’ while the Saints were still on the line.”

Foster said he wanted to be a 49er, but San Francisco had the 34th pick.

“I told John Lynch that it was too late,” Foster said. “I said, ‘Man, you’re the 34th pick. You’re just too late. The Saints are about to get me.’”

Lynch wasn’t willing to let that happen, and the 49ers traded up. As far as the Saints, well, they didn’t hear about it from Foster.

“Oh, no. I hung up,” Foster said.

The Saints probably didn’t think it was all that funny. Solomon Thomas, Foster’s new teammate and the No. 3 pick for San Francisco, and all of the reporters in the room got a laugh out of it, though.