On Monday night, one day after the Royals’ season ended without a playoff appearance and the shadow of a rebuild on its way next year, Kansas City catcher Salvador Perez was back on a field. Just not the Royals’ field.

He served as honorary drum leader for the Chiefs before their game against Washington for Monday Night, getting the crowd pumped up for the game. Or, getting them as pumped up as possible when the game that’s about to happen involves watching Washington’s football team on a weeknight.

From footage, it seems as if Perez had a great time in his honorary role, dramatically turning an ear toward the crowd to get them cheering louder.

He also managed to get more cheers than the players themselves, reportedly.

While that seems kind of weird when the Royals missed the playoffs and the Chiefs are 3-0, Perez is a charming local athlete, so who can really blame the crowd for welcoming him at the top of their lungs?

It looked like Perez had a great time, too, especially when spending time before the game on the sidelines with his family.

Ending his Kansas City season as an honorary member of the Chief’s band is a much better ending than missing the postseason. Especially because it made him, and fans, so happy.

Via SBNation.com