Back in the NHL, Radko Gudas and Claude Giroux are Philadelphia Flyers teammates, but they’re opponents at the IIHF World Championship — Gudas on Team Czech Republic, Giroux on Team Canada. Nothing illustrated that more than when Gudas punched Giroux in the face without even looking at him.

This was just in the first period in one of the first games of the tournament. Gudas likely didn’t know he punched Giroux (it probably would’ve helped if he looked where he was punching.) Still, the punch is mesmerizing in a weird way. Plenty of people compared the punch to that scene in The Avengers where Hulk delivers a no-look punch to Thor.

I can’t stop watching either of those punches.

Punches aside, Canada ultimately defeated Czech Republic 4-1, and have the top spot in their tournament group as of writing.

(h/t Broad Street Hockey)