Fans watching Game 5 of the Stanley Cup playoffs between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals may have noticed this lovely lady knitting behind the glass.

Kevin Weekes, a former NHL goalie-turned reporter, tried to come for her, but Pens Knitting Lady clapped back.

The Penguins won that final, by the way. You could say she’s a good luck charm.

While some people questioned how she got her needles past security (they’re the size of a ballpoint pen and “about as sharp,” she tweeted) Knitting Lady, also known by her real name, Michelle, received a lot of support on Twitter; even this poem.

She took questions, explaining that she knits for stress relief. Her project of choice? Socks, because they’re so portable.

Michelle, who lives in Maryland, has been doing this for some time (as you can see by her tweet). In a 2010 interview, she explained the knitting allows her to enjoy the game more, and doesn’t diminish her focus. She used to get so angry over bad plays and calls by the refs that it would put her in a bad mood, her husband, Mike, explained. With the knitting, she’s able to focus.

In the video, she’s watching the game intently, and doesn’t even need to look at her knitting!

You go, Pens Knitting Lady!