Gnash might be the best mascot in hockey. The Nashville Predators’ … wolf-thing has a great name, a solid Twitter account, and now he’s embarking on a crusade against anyone who had the audacity to pick the Blackhawks, after they were swept by the Predators on Thursday night.

“World Wide Leader in Sports my furry butt.”

We can get back to talking about this in a sec, just a quick aside: Don’t Google “my furry butt” without SafeSearch on.

You’ve got to love how Gnash is going all in. This is a seriously big deal. Very few people thought Nashville would win, let alone sweep the ’Hawks. It was unthinkable — and when that happens you get to flaunt it a little. Or in Gnash’s case, a lot.

Gnash went after Alyssa Milano for picking Chicago.

And was SAVAGE towards the Blackhawks’ mascot.

It’s time to be on Team Gnash. All of us. We need to rally around this ornery, furry-assed Cicero before the league cracks down on him.