Borussia Dortmund and Monaco were set to play their Champions League game on Tuesday when Dortmund’s team bus was hit by an explosion at the team hotel. One player was injured and investigations are ongoing, but in the wake of the explosion the game was delayed until Wednesday, causing thousands of Monaco fans to be stuck in Dortmund without a place to stay. The team and its fans went above and beyond.

The hashtag “#bedforawayfans” began as a way to connect Monaco fans with people in Dortmund who were willing to open their homes and give opposing fans a place to stay. The result was beautiful.

Some hung out and had beers …

Others became fast-friends.

Thanks n'golo kanté haha #bedforawayfans #championsleague2017 #bvbasm

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They shared meals together …

And Monaco fans were stunned by the generosity they witnessed.

Monaco fans who couldn’t connect with a Dortmund fan on Tuesday night looked for places to get rest before the game.

And these requests didn’t last long before a Dortmund fan would offer up their home.

Dortmund fans are known for their hospitality and being welcoming, but what happened when above and beyond. One Twitter user summed it up best:

It reads:

“If a single hashtag proves that football can change the world. And hatred will never win: # bedforawayfans”

The game will be played on Wednesday. These fans will both be cheering for their team and hoping for victory, but along the way they both shared in something far more important than a soccer game. Bravo to everyone involved.