Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Brazilian fourth division team Fluminense de Feira was very desperate. Struggling to raise funds, they resorted to turning their team jerseys into supermarket advertisements in the hopes of making some money. The results are impressive.

You might notice a few neat features to these uniforms, which frankly are extremely helpful. Fernando Sobral normally wears No. 10, which is boring — but now we know that pizza is on sale for 10.98 this week. Meanwhile No. 5, now wearing 5.98 tells us that Palmolive shampoo is on sale now at a low-low price.

Hate all you want. This is genius. Multitasking is always welcome, and this way you can watch some soccer and do some planning for your next trip to the grocery store at the same time. We don’t know exactly what kind of financial position the team is in, because they haven’t produced a financial report on their website since 2015, but the last one showed a budget shortfall of 26,822 Brazilian Real, or about $8,500.

Hopefully this new initiative will help.

Source : SBnation