Cristiano Ronaldo’s muscles aren’t mere masses of protein, they’re chiseled perfection given to a mortal by the gods in order for us to feel woefully inadequate. Example 1,789 of this phenomenon: Ronaldo’s legs.

Look at these things. LOOK AT THEM! They look like four legs stacked on top of each other. His thighs are as if someone decided to put a totally-ripped ham on top of a tree branch. I don’t even know what those muscles are on top on his quads. They’re bolted on like legos.

Yes, I know there are body builders with legs like this — yadda, yadda, yadda. I don’t want to hear it. Yes they’re sculpted their bodies into a toned flesh-mass, but they don’t look like Cristiano AND pull off a suit as well as him.

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That’s what’s amazing about Ronaldo’s muscles. He looks like an ordinary beautiful human until he posts a workout pic or lifts his shirt, then you realize there’s really a hidden monster.

Ronaldo is the closest real-life embodiment of Saitama from One-Punch Man.

They’re both lithe super humans who have every right to be bored after conquering everything before them. Dang … this is just too accurate.

Anyway, shout-out to Cristiano’s dope leg muscles. They’re something else.