Netherlands manager Dick Advocaat probably wishes he was never so certain in telling the media that Sweden wouldn’t beat Luxembourg 8-0, because this happened.

Netherlands and Sweden were locked in a close race to the World Cup finals in the Group A playoff and destined to play each other in the final game of the group. Everyone knew Sweden was going to beat Luxembourg in their second-to-last game, but the question became: “By how many goals?”

If Netherlands beat Sweden then the tie breaker would come down to goal differential, which is why a reporter asked Advocaat what happens if Sweden wins 8-0? To which he responded.

“They’re not winning 8-0. What kind of stupid questions is that? 8-0? Well … no. I definitely don’t believe that.”

And then …

Now the Netherlands not only needs to beat Sweden, but they need to beat them by seven goals to correct the ludicrous differential and have a chance of making it through to the next round.

All signs are pointing to the Netherlands being eliminated from World Cup contention again.