German third-division team FC Magdeburg is playing Borussia Dortmund in the DFB Pokal and welcomed one of the world’s most popular teams with a terrifying Jigsaw banner.

The flaming eyes are accompanied by a scary message for the visitors:

“You think it’s over yet the games have just begun.”

Which is more apt than supporters probably thought, because at the time of writing they’re down 2-0 with 40 minutes left in the game. That said, you’ve got to love the confidence of the small team that realistically never had a chance of winning.

But this is FC Magdeburg, and swinging up is kind of their thing. In 2014 the then-fourth-division team was set to play Bayer Leverkusen and unfurled a similar flaming-eye banner, and even had a chance to shock the world before completely collapsing.

The collapse three years ago isn’t that important, because this fan base is equal parts creepy and fun — a combination all fan bases should strive for. During that year they had a goalless drought and decided to use self deprecation as a coping mechanism. They also made helpful signs for their players.

Halloween is the spooky time of year, and no sports team has been quite as spooky as FC Magdeburg. Especially when you have a menacing phrase written in German. Everything is scarier written in German. Don’t agree with me?


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