Isco’s celebration after scoring the game-winning goal against Sporting Gijon on Sunday seemed simple enough, but it had a huge meaning behind it.

After hugging his teammates he faced the crowd and extended his thumb, index finger, and pinky, tucking his middle and ring fingers into his palm. It’s the “ILY” sign, which means “I love you” in sign language.

Isco learned the sign earlier that week when an 8-year-old girl met him at a Real Madrid signing and introduced the star player to her parents, who are deaf. She explained that they are big fans, and asked him to make the “ILY” sign if he scored a goal. The striker said he would, and posed with the little girl and her parents making the sign.

It would have been forgivable if Isco forgot in the heat of the moment, a lot of people would have — especially after scoring a huge game-winning goal, but he remembered meeting that family. With millions of people watching he took the time to send them a personal message, and let them know he was thinking about them.

Sports are incredible.