Real Madrid star Marco Asensio will miss a game because of a giant, infected pimple


Real Madrid has an injury problem you don’t see every day: A giant infected pimple is sidelining one of the team’s biggest stars. On Wednesday manager Zinedine Zidane announced that Marco Asensio would miss an upcoming game because he couldn’t put his sock on.

Spanish paper ABC spoke to Zidane about the problem.

“He has a pimple on his leg that won’t let him pull his sock up”

We haven’t seen Asensio’s gross pimple, but reports state that it was a byproduct of shaving his legs, which likely caused an ingrown hair. Even still, it’s large enough (and swollen enough) to prevent him pulling a sock up — which, ew.

“What Zidane meant is that Asensio had a problem with a pore when depilating his legs. A hair became infected and that has caused a boil that has not allowed him to pull his sock up. For that reason, and considering the weakness of the opponent, Asensio will be given rest so he can concentrate on the important game against Anoeta next Sunday.”

Be careful when you’re shaving your legs, folks.