As usual, potential designs for the next United States men’s national team kits are leaking out. And if the current rumored 2018 World Cup kit is real, we’re going to be extremely happy.

Here’s one example mock-up of the home kit from graphic designer Franco Carbajal, @FrancooC07 on Twitter. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Conrad Burry — another designer who you can find at @conradburry on Twitter — did his own version of the kits with explanations of what he knows and what he’s guessing at over at

Burry also has a mock-up of the away kit, which is a bit less exciting but still pretty slick and a lot different from Nike’s recent templates.

Recently, the big apparel companies have come under fire from fans for relying on a small number of unimaginative templates. Nike and other designers have a tough job to do in their attempt to balance pleasing traditionalists with making new and exciting things. But if these USMNT kit mock-ups end up being anywhere close to the real thing, Nike is going to have a lot of happy customers.