Glenn Jacobs, perhaps best-known as WWE Superstar Kane, is running for mayor of Knox County, Tenn. This week he released his first campaign video, and it’s something else.

Seeing corporate Kane become full-on politician Kane is bizarre. Jacobs says all the right stuff, but that logo … c’mon?!

This is a guy whose career was defined by being the demonic brother of The Undertaker, who was horribly burned as a child and left for dead. Now his logo is a flame and his slogan is “Lighting the way for our future.” Jacobs definitely knew what he was doing here.

Mayor Kane is something America needs. So in an effort to help his campaign, we’d like to outline his tent poles.

“We understand that the free enterprise system — the greatest wealth producing machine the world has ever known — shouldn’t be crippled by over-regulation.”

Nobody knows this pain better than Jacobs. His entire career as “Isaac Yankem, evil dentist” was destroyed due to medical regulations (probably).

“Together, we can light the way to a very bright future.”

This slogan has special meaning to Mayor Kane. It’s like that time he set a coffin on fire with Paul Bearer.

Finally, we need to re-work that campaign ad to it gets directly to the people who want to see it.

That’s better.