13 FAQs

  • What is the Madpicks.com Predictor?

    The MadPicks.com Predictor is the new and exciting sports prediction contest that you can join for free and win great prizes every month.

  • How can i join MadPicks.com Predictor?

    Everyone can join the MadPicks.com Predictor! You only need a Madpicks.com account. Registration is 100% free. Click here to register now.

  • Sounds good. I registered. Now what?

    MadPicks.com Predictor is a monthly contest that everyone can join. Every 1st of each month you get 200 points absolutely free to use and bet them on different sports/leagues/games. Season long points will also be tracked and posted on MadPicks.com.

    If you lose your points you can always purchase extra points using your Paypal and add to your balance.

    Both monthly and season long prizes will be given out to top places. Monthly prizes will be announced every 1st of each month.

    Monthly contests will run throught each month. Season long starts every September 1st and finishes May 31st.

  • What sports and leagues can i use my points to bet on?

    You can use your points to bet on Football (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, Europa League, International), American Football (NFL, NCAA), Basketball (NBA), Baseball (MLB), Ice Hockey (NHL), Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

    If you want a sport, league or a game we don't currently offer to be added you can open a ticket with our support crew and make your request at https://madpicks.com/support

  • Can i use my points to bet on parlays/accumulators and singles?

    Yes. You can use your pointsto make parlays/accumulators made up of different sports/leagues/games or use your points to bet on single games.

    Minimum bet size is 1 unit and maximum bet size is 1000 units.

  • I lost my points. Now what?

    Every month you get 200 free points which are reset every start of each month. When your points total reaches 100 or less you can always purchase extra points using your Paypal account. 100 points cost only $1 and 1000 points cost only $10.

    Minimum points that can be purchased is 100 for $1 and can purchase up to a maximum of 1000 points for $10. Your points will be added immediately after your payment is completed.

    All payments are securely processed by PayPal.

    If you experience any problems with your payment or addition of points please create a ticket with our support crew at https://madpicks.com/support.

  • What do i win?

    Monthly and season long prizes can be found at https://madpicks.com/predictor-prizes

    Each month there will be different prizes for Monthly Predictor, so keep visiting to check new prizes announced.

    Monthly prizes will be announced every 1st of each month.

  • What odds are used for the MadPicks.com Predictor?

    Our odds for all sports/leagues/games are taken from Betclic. One of the biggest online sportsbooks in the world.

    Odds are posted in decimal format but can you can convert to fractional or american odds using the "Odds Type" menu on the sidebar.

  • How often are odds updated?

    We will be adding any new odds for games every day at 8-9 am Eastern time (New York). A re-add of any new game odds will be done at 10-11 am Eastern for any new games our odds provider offers. Second addition will be done for sports/leagues/games that usually post odds late eg. MLB, NHL, NBA.

    Find below the pages with all open bets to bet on:

    All Open Bets
    Featured Bets
    American Football
    Ice Hockey
    Martial Arts

  • How long does MadPicks.com Predictor last?

    We will be running both monthly and season long MadPicks.com Predictors. Each monthly contest starts the 1st day of each month and finishes end of each month. Monthly leaderboards will be calculated and each players points will be added to form our season long overall leaderboard that will from September 1st to May 31st.

  • I have more questions. How do i contact you?

    You can contact our support crew at https://madpicks.com/support. We are open 24/7. Please allow up to 12 hours for a response to your request/inquiry.

  • I am a minor. Can i join your contest?

    No. You have to be 18+ years of age to join any of the contestsrun on MadPicks.com

  • Can i use your iPhone and Android apps to participate in your contests?

    Yes. You can download our apps through Apple Store and Google Play and can use them to participate in our contests.

    Apple and Google are in no way involved in our contests and do not sponsor our contests.